20th Wood-Technology Conference
05.-06.06.2023., Croatia, Opatija

13th Wood-Technology Conference in Opatija Has Finished – the Best and the Most Substantial Edition!

The main conclusions of the central event of the Croatian wood processing industry, which is traditionally held in late May in Opatija, refer to the need for more engaged institutional activities, primarily on the creation of a legal framework and strategic basis for the further development of this sector. Numerous round tables, panel discussions, conversations on topic and presentations of distinguished experts from 14 countries stressed the necessity of improving the raw material sales model, learning more about the low carbon economy, investing in R&D, but also solving the accumulated educational deficiencies. It was brought to the attention of the sector problems, especially the need of achieving as greater attractiveness and better visibility of the sector, so young generation would chose the forest-based industries for their future profession. Keynote speaker of the conference was the Croatian MEP Marijana Petir, who, at the conference opening, highlighted the great opportunities arising from the package of circular economy, identified by the European Commission as one of the most important development policies in the EU. In Opatija the wood processing sector announced the development of sectoral strategy. The president of the Association of wood processing industry in the Chamber of Commerce, Ivic Pasalic, PhD, has announced that the strategy will be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Croatian Government within a few weeks.

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